How We Work


The NTR Foundation focuses on achieving measurable societal and environmental impact in the areas of climate change, resource sustainability and security of energy supply.

Harness Innovation and Support Entrepreneurship

The NTR Foundation harnesses innovation and supports entrepreneurial projects, leveraging NTR Group Business’ expertise, with the ultimate aim of bringing selected projects to scale.

Build Capacity

The NTR Foundation invests in organisational and community capacity, so that more people in more places can build better lives and futures.

Share Knowledge

The NTR Foundation will foster and publish independent research, which serves to increase the knowledge base in its core funding areas. This, combined with the evidence base generated from its investments, will enable the NTR Foundation to act as a credible contributor to policy debates.


All NTR Foundation investments will be performance based, with a strong emphasis on good buisness planning and measurable outcomes. All projects will require transparent monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.

Strategic Partnerships

The NTR Foundation will collaborate with other organisations committed to the same values and goals, with the aim of leveraging funding, to maximise opportunities for impact.