Who We Are


The NTR Foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation, founded by NTR plc. The establishment and funding of the Foundation was approved by the shareholders of NTR plc in 2008. Its ongoing funding comes from its holding of NTR plc shares.


NTR plc is a leading investor and asset manager of renewable energy projects, with a specific focus on wind.  Founded in 1978 to develop and operate toll roads in Ireland, NTR plc has since diversified into renewable energy investment by building on its strong entrepreneurial and business development experience. 

A strong commitment to corporate social responsibility is core to the heritage of NTR plc.  The NTR Foundation was established to formalise and sustain that commitment and to underscore the company’s focus on renewable energy and sustainability. 

Since its launch, the NTR Foundation has provided financial support to carefully selected projects, research and non-governmental organisations, in line with our mission.

Initially, our scope was international and broad, but in 2013, we completed a strategic review and re-focused our activities on supporting projects and organisations in the area of renewable energy and sustainability, primarily in Ireland.

The NTR Foundation is a member of Philanthropy Ireland.